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Why Choose Us?

You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our auto mechanic specialists provide!

Every Job Is Personal

You've come to the right place if you're looking for dealership-quality service in a more personal and pleasant setting.

Best Materials

We have years of expertise working on domestic automobiles of all makes and models, as well as van conversions, and we only use high-quality materials and appliances.

Family Run

We pride ourselves on that personal touch which is all too often missing these days.


DPF cleaning is an innovative new method of cleaning soot from your “diesel particulate filter” (or DPF) and removing blockages. The stop-start driving technology of many new vehicles creates a higher build-up of soot and carbon in the filter, and DPF flash cleaning is the fastest and easiest method of cleaning the filter, ensuring the removal of any potential blockages. Left unchecked these blockages will eventually lead to an engine fault and the vehicle will go into ‘limp mode’. Our specialized DPF cleaning equipment, designed to effectively clean the DPF will surge liquid through your filter, cutting away all diesel particulates, soot, carbon, wax, ash and tar.


We stock a common range of good budget tyres, from sizes as low as 14 inch to sizes 18 inch. It don’t just stop there. If we don’t stock the tyre or if your after a different brand. We can order them in normally for next day. Prices range from £40 inc vat and fitting and is dependant on size of the tyre. Drop us a message on our contact page with your required size and we will message you back with a price and available booking slot for fitting.


We can provide you with full air conditioning and repair services. Air conditioning systems require periodic maintenance to ensure maximum performance, and to keep your air conditioning working well throughout the year.

Our technicians are fully qualified, experienced and have specialist air conditioning knowledge to ensure you get a perfect result.

Did you know it is illegal for your vehicles air conditioning to be worked on by unqualified personnel? We have the qualifications, the knowledge and equipment to cope with any automotive air conditioning faults. Our services range from straight forward recharging or full system servicing up to complex fault diagnosis and leak detection.


Are you having problems with your car? If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable car maintenance service in Corby, look no further than Brunel. Our garage is open five days a week, and our staff are highly skilled in a variety of car services. Visit our garage or give us a call today.


Getting the most from your car in terms of performance and economy is a great way to improve your overall driving experience and save money on your fuel costs over the months and years. While tuning a car for optimal performance may sound daunting and complicated to many casual motorists, you may be interested to hear that it can be done in as little as 60 minutes, by ‘remapping’.

Remapping, sometimes called ECU tuning, is when the settings of a car’s ‘engine control unit’ (ECU) is altered to improve several areas of the vehicle’s performance. By overwriting the existing settings with new software, the owner can re-programme the car to manage the fuel injection, airflow, sensors and more (within legal limitations).


An MOT can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. We will test your car’s safety – it’s all computerised and we will advise if there are any areas which need to be improved to ensure your car meets the necessary standards.

As the diagram above shows the MOT test covers all the major areas of your vehicle where safety is an issue.
Brunel Motors is approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all MOT tests are completed by MOT testers nominated by VOSA.

Now you can arrange an appointment online and have an MOT test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MOT.

Why not service your car at the same time as your MOT? With trained technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, guaranteed parts and labour – why pay more elsewhere?

The test we carry out is not a matter of opinion – but a matter of law and is there to protect you and your family from a possible mechanical failure that could put you and them at risk. That is why our MOT testers have all achieved the necessary qualifications to meet this demanding task.


We have all the necessary tools, equipment, and specialist knowledge to repair service and diagnose your car at a fraction of the main dealers cost.

We service and repair all makes and models of car, most owners fully service their car every year or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes earlier. Servicing pro actively maintains your car, reducing the risk of a breakdown. Even if it is irregular, servicing can help maintain your car’s value.


Because of constant refinement of materials, assembly tolerances and quality awareness, even minor defects in disc brakes are noticed by the driver. Vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal can be felt immediately and brake noise is audible. There are three directly attributable causes:

Run-out is oscillation of the brake disc. This may be caused by tolerance in the brake disc and hub or by distortion of these parts by shock loads. The oscillation of the brake disc can be felt in the steering wheel. The brake disc and the brake pads are not in line!

Disk Thickness Variation (DTV) is the difference in thickness of the disc measured at different points in the radial plane. This phenomenon is the logical consequence of differences in material structure, run out and constant changes in brake conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and load on materials. DTV can be clearly felt in the brake pedal. Once again, brake disc nd brake pads are out of line!